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Night Bites
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23rd-Jan-2006 08:10 pm - The site
Lucius1 - L'Oreal
Well the fiction archive is down at the moment. Hopefully it'll be up soon, if not it'll restart over at my domain.
26th-Nov-2005 04:05 am - Submission Format
Lucius1 - L'Oreal
Include the following with your submission:

-Fandom (Or put Original Fiction here if it is)
-Whether it is a WIP or complete
-And feel free to also add any other info, or if there is a site that accompanies the fic that might have char pics or what not...
26th-Nov-2005 04:03 am - Rules
Lucius1 - L'Oreal

-All Ratings allowed
-No flaming or starting problems
-Must post stories with the proper information (can be found here)
-I prefer you be of proper age if you are posting adult content
-Large images such as banners and the body of the story must be behind a cut
-No plagiarizing!! If you see a plagiarized work, report it to the mod(s)!!
-Must be a member to post your work, of course.
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